Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Gilligan Secret Breakfast Sandwich Recipe!

 I am Blessed, Becka makes this awesome breakfast sandwich for us 3 or 4 times a week, well, unless we go to subway!

 Great!... Now I want a steak and cheese! :-(

 You'll have to forgive me, I get distracted easily by certain foods, Anyway, back to my story;-)

Becka's breakfast sandwich is So Delicious! With it's crunchy outside and a melty cheesy inside, my eye's light-up like a little kid everytime Becka offers to make me (us) one!

 This morning was a special treat! Becka made me two! I must confess, I struggled to finish, but heck, I wasn't going to let one crunchy, cheesy morsel go to waste!

 Yes, It's that good! Believe me, this isn't some wimpy grilled cheese!
 No Sir!
 No Mame!
 This is something special! Custom designed!

 As you can see from the pic, Becka's presentation goes that extra mile, slicing the bread corner to corner, arranging it on the plate like the true Ironing-Chef she is! Why you ask?? Well...Because sandwiches just taste better sliced that way! I can't explain it? It's physics or something?

 You see that personalization is what makes the Gilligan secret breakfast sandwich so special! It's custom built just for me and Becka, by Becka! No one else! It's not about the millions of "Hungry Eye's" gazing at my recent fb breakfast pics. It's about me and Becka!

 But as the "likes" and "comments" piled up, begging for the recipe, I began to have a change of heart! I felt guilty and selfish for hording this delicious breakfast sandwich! Shamelessly taunting and teasing millions with pictures of those cheesy sandwiches I'm so blessed to enjoy! I was tired of refusing to share with others, those not so fortunate to have a wife like my Becka, preparing one for them each morning!

 It was sad, I felt convicted, even obligated to release this secret recipe to my friends, friends of friends and followers! I knew I had the answer for those millions still suffering through hopeless mornings of bland, boring fiber cereals! It was time to make an impact, a differance!

 It was Obvious I had to reveal the secret Gilligan recipe!
 (A word of Caution, your mouth will begin to water as you read this!)

 Ingredients for one sandwhich: (adjust as desired)
1 chicken strip
1 large egg (Egglands best)
2 slices of Honey wheat bread
2 slices of Kraft pepperjack cheese
Chef Pauls Magic Blackened seasoning blend
Extra virgin olive oil
Butter spray
2 Skillets (large and small)

Cooking preparations:

Pepare chicken strip by seasoning both sides with Blackened blend (I like alot)

In a large skillet: -->add a few squirts of olive oil -->set to med heat -->once skillet is hot, add season
chicken strip, cook about 2 minutes each side! Don't overcook! (should be tender and juicy!)

While Chicken strip is cooking.

In a small skillet: --> set to med heat --> spray with butter spray --> crack large egg, add whites and puncture yoke, season with Blackened seasoning, flip once cook as desired. Set aside for later!

Return to large skillet:

Once Chicken strip is finished, cut into 5 or 6 small pieces and place to the side of skillet.

Add 2 slices of honey wheat bread (both sides sprayed with butter spray)

Lightly brown one side of each slice! (a nice crunchy layer) then Flip!

On first slice of bread, add a slice of pepperjack, chicken pieces, egg and another slice of pepperjack!

Top with second slice of bread, crunchy side down!

Lightly brown both side of sandwich with to a crunchy layer, while allowing the the cheese to melt!

Plate and Consume!

Wow, I feel much better, almost like a burdon has been lifted!

 You've now been shown the secret!

 The ball is in your court now, tomorrow morning you have a new choice, a tastier, cheesier choice to start your day!

 My advice. Don't wait another day longer!

 Don't have the ingredients? Don't let that stop you! Make a run to the grocery store (walmarts open late) and get the preparations for tomorrow morning's breakfast sandwich now!

You will be glad you did!

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  1. You rock my Hubby!! Thanks my mouth is watering now!! You have a way with words!!

    Love you Ironing Chef Becka