Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Chose to Trust our Savior

Prepping for brain surgery in November of 2007
Let me ask you kind of a strange question. "Do you currently occupy an operational body?" Now I'm not saying, one that works perfectly! Adam and Eve kinda messed that up in the Garden years ago! No, I'm talking about a body, that for the most part, works as expected! Yeah, maybe it's a little beat up from wear and tear over the years, but overall very predictable! Well back in november of 2007, I found out how quickly mine could become unpredictable! Thankfully I also found out just how much I needed to rely on our Creator!

To drive home this point , let me share a small portion of my experiences over the past few years!

It was friday afternoon and I was reading meters in Destin, Florida for Gulf Power! I had read this particular route a hundred times, but halfway through my day, I began to notice a strange sensation on the right-side of my body!

My right-side is my dominate side! I write, I throw, I do everything with that side! But that day, it was slowing starting to ignore my instructions! The fingers on my right-hand, especially the thumb, felt heavier, moving as if in slow motion! So much so, that I was having a difficult time punching the correct buttons on my handheld computer! In addition my vision seemed to be playing tricks on me! Numbers on the screen would appear and reappear with the slightest shift of my head? Reading meters depends on accuracy and speed but both were lacking that day! My entire body felt extremely unbalanced! My stride was getting slower, wobbly and harder to take each step! I often describe it like watching a drunk guy stumble down the road, ironic since I don't drink! Doing simple things like jogging across a street or climbing a flight of stairs became all but impossible!

I was only 36 years old and had no clue what was behind these subtle changes? Emotions of confusion, anger, helplessness, frustration and fear were dominating my thoughts! I felt as if I was slowly losing a battle with an enemy I couldn't see! My faith was being tested, I felt very alone, clinging to God's promise that regardless of whether I felt his presence, he was still there and would never abandon me!

As the end of the day neared, I headed back to my truck! The realization that I was NOT going to finish my route had set in! The traffic on hwy 98 was heavy as usual, and that usually short drive back to FWB seemed to take forever! I probably shouldn't have been driving, but as you may be surprised to know, I'm stubburn! Thankfull to arrive back at the office, I didn't even mention my experience to my boss Ron. I was almost embarrassed, it didn't seem real? So I quietly dropped off my handheld and headed to the house (trailer), a place of safety where I could figure this thing out.

 Pulling into the grass (driveway) I attempted to justify my in-action by reassuring myself: "I'll be better monday, no need to panic". I knew God had control and I knew the importance of remaining strong and positive! I remember telling Becka, that I wasn't sure what it was, but speculating that maybe it was something simple like a pinched nerve! Over the weekend, I probably seemed like mentally I was miles away, my mind was in constant distraction! In retrospect I probably should have went to the emergency room, But instead I convinced myself and Becka to wait til monday! We certainly didn't need any more bills, so I promised, that if I didn't improve, I'd call the doctor!

 To be honest, I just wasn't ready to accept that it could be serious!

 Thankfully, God already knew the severity of what I was facing, preparing in the unseen, the weeks and months to come! Despite my stubborn spirit, he poured out his mercy on us anyway!

 Monday morning, things still had not improved! So I reluctantly made that call to Dr. Senachal, expecting, in a strange way hoping, he would be booked all week so I didn't have to face whatever this was.

Surprisingly, the secretary got me in immediately that morning! Dr. Senachal after a fairly quick evaluation, suspected something neurological not physical, was causing my symptoms. An MRI of my brain was needed to be sure. Waiting in the examination room for Dr Senachal to return with the details, I could see Becka's eye's starting to perspire, that concerned look on her face. I tried my best to distract us both with some idle humor, making light of the situation! While Becka was more focused reminding me that our amazing God was in control!

 The MRI followed early the next morning, lasting maybe 45 minutes! Rather unexpectedly, later that evening Dr Senachal called with the results! The report revealed an unknown mass (a tumor) located at the top of my brain stem! I'm not sure, I can describe how we felt hearing that news. The only word that keeps coming to mind is the word Devestating. Nothing that I had hoped it would be and everything I had feared! ...But as I had said before God was working behind the scenes on our behalf.

 Before Dr. Senachal's call that night, he had made arrangements with a neurologist! His instructions on his call to us were simple, we don't need an appointment, just show up at Dr. Feldman's office in the morning, he would be expecting us!

 Wednesday morning, the day before Thankgiving, we arrived early at Dr. Feldman's office! Instead of going right inside though, Becka and I instead sat in the car for several minutes! It was fairly quiet, not much was said outside of a prayer, reaffirming that it was all in God's hands and we were trusting him!

We had no idea just how much we were going to need that assurance as the days and events would unfold! I think we were still partially in a state of shock, a sort of disbelief that this was all really happening!

Following a short wait in the lobby, we were met by the nurse and taken into an examining room to wait for the doctor! I don't recall the nurses name but I do remember her bubbly personality! Her cheery attitude and words were both comforting and calming! I don't know if she knew what we were about to hear, but I am gratefull for her encouragement! She made a lasting impression that day!

Within a few minutes we met Dr. Feldman and then were invited to join him in his office. As we entered the room, you couldn't help but notice the wall covered with scans of my brain MRI from just 24 hours prior. There must of been 30 or 40 of them, each providing a detailed glimpse into God's amazing design! It was hard to grasp that was my brain!

Dr. Feldman took us straight to the scans giving a brief description of what we were seeing, the tumors location and then offering us a seat around his desk. Dr Feldman was surprisingly young. I never did inquire about his age, I was kind of pre-occupied, but I figured he was at most in his mid-40's. Sharp though and very relaxed.

Because the tumor was located on my brain stem and not the soft brain tissue, I wasn't experiencing the typical memory loss, slurred speech or headaches! Instead it seemed to be limited to interferring with nerve signals to my right-side, specifically the fingers, arm, leg and a few other areas like my vision and balance! Not a light issue, but trully a blessing in disguise.

The challenge was the sensitive location of the tumor made it simply too dangerous to remove without inflicting severe brain injury.

Even though it couldn't be fully removed, Dr Feldman still needed to perform a biopsy to determine if the tumor was malignant or benign and rate of growth! Unfortunately nothing could move forward without that information and It would need to be done as soon as possible! The preceedure would take a several hours and require the doctor blindly (aided by a computer) drilling down to retrieve a sample of the tumor! While fairly common, at least for brain surgery, it was still a very precise, delicate and dangerous proceedure! Definately not alot of room for error. I remember both Becka and I breaking down several times during that discussion, the weight of what we were facing felt overwhelming! Impossible to overcome!

Let's just say the statistics weren't in my favor, but then again "I'm NOT a statistic". Statistics are a measurement of past results and a "GUESS" on Future outcomes! ...and evidently (since i'm typing this) God still has a few things he wants to accomplish through me, for which I am Eternally Gratefull!

I'm not really sure what it was, but Dr Feldman instilled in me a confidence, when he mentioned a second opinion, I knew there was no need. Most people in that situation would have agreed that I probably should get a second opinion but I knew we could trust his judgement and that God had us right where we needed to be!

At one point in our conversation about what to expect, the risks of the biopsy, radiation and chemo treatment, I remember stating rather boldly and rather defiantly that, " I'm a Christian, I'm saved and while I know where I'm going when I'm done, I'm definately not ready to go yet!" 

As we left his office he gave us a final piece of advice. Keep a positive attitude, try not to think about the surgery, instead enjoy spending time with your family, eat some turkey and watch some football. Try to relax.

Becka and I a week or so after surgery Dec 2007
Becka during this whole ordeal, had a quiet comforting strength about her! I am so proud of how she handled things! She was suddenly faced with alot of uncertainty! Everything about our future was in question! On top of worrying about me, she found herself thrust into a leadership role in our marriage like never before! Yet she was so calm, so focused, handling all the appointments, all the prescriptions, calls to family and friends, handling the bills! I know it wasn't exactly how it appeared, I knew she was struggling to remain strong, but she wanted to do everything she could to make things easier for us, less stressfull! Becka has such a  servant heart for me, for others and expecially for God! I am so blessed God provided me a wife who stood along-side me in faith, trusting him, during that dark time of uncertainty! God was testing both of us in so many ways! But we knew from his Word that He would always be there with us!

After we left Dr Feldmans office that wednesday morning, we stopped by the pharmacy at CVS, I stayed in the car while Becka went in to fill my new prescriptions. As I sat there, I found myself struggling to call my mom in Atlanta with the news! I didn't know how to say it. When she answered, I could hardly get the words out of my mouth, the emotions, the tears overtaking me, my speach almost impossible to understand! My Mom upon hearing the distress in my voice, as you would expect a loving mother to do, promised to drop everything and reassured me she was on her way to help in whatever way she could!

Mom visiting just after surgery Dec 2007
There were so many things we didn't know yet, things that would be revealed from the surgery and the days to come, but It was comforting to know that we had an amazing family, amazing friends, expert doctors and an amazing God who loved us, who knew every hair on our head, every cell in our body! We knew that the God who created all things in 6 days could definately handle something so insignificant as a brain tumor! We just needed to trust that we were safe in his hands!

Monday came early, I don't even remember what time we arrived at the hospital! Seems like it was 4am or something? All I know is it was dark, cold and pouring rain! Despite the drearyness, I remember being fairly calm and actually relaxed, as if I was there for some routine appointment. Talking with staff all the way through the  X-rays, the Ct scan and even final prep for surgery, which I might add included shaving some spots on my head and glueing guides for the computer-aided drilling! The last thing I remember as they brought me into the operating room were hearing conversations of Doctors in the background, Dr Feldman greeting me and seeing upside down faces of the nurses as I drifted off from the anesthesia!

The surgery lasted several hours (I guess), but when I awoke, groggy and disoriented, it seemed like I had only been out for a few minutes! The large recovery room was extremely dark with a dim light off to my left in the distance, seeming to come from an exterior room. As my eyes struggled to adjust, a nurse and then Dr Feldman dropped in to check on me. He reassured me the surgery, as expected went well and that preparations were being made to transfer me to ICU for observation over the next 24 hours. So to just hangout for a few minutes. I don't remember exactly but I think I responded with something like "I wasn't going anywhere". Obviously confirming my sense of humor hadn't been removed during the surgery!

ICU was a unique experience, my little cubby-hole was dark and packed with a bed, tv and monitoring equipment, all seperated from the main area by a curtain that seemed to open quite frequently. Saying the room was small is an understatement, but It's not like Becka was going to be chasing me around the bed or anything! So it was fine! Even though it was only 24 hours, It seemed like I was in there for days. Sealed off from most interaction, I slept most of the time but remember still being very up beat, after-all just hours earlier someone had drilled down 3 or 4 inches into my skull and I was still alive. That's something to be upbeat about I guess. When I was awake, I was very conversational with the nurses that attended to me, every 30 min or so, checking vital signs, bringing medication, food etc. It struck me as funny that of all places, that in ICU, I was being fed cheese burgers, cheetos and soda, not bad for hospital food lol! Visitors were limited, Becka was able to come in for a few minutes and I think my mom came in as well but I'm not sure. Overnight, I do remember the idle chatter of the nursing staff coming from beyond the curtain. Kind like listening to General Hospital! lol

Dad and Donna visiting Feb/Mar 2008
Dad Passed May 2009
Tuesday afternoon they moved me to a regular private hospital "suite", with plenty of room for visitors and even my very own bathroom! Something well appreciated after the lack of "facilities" in ICU. My mood again was fairly positive and upbeat, afterall I was again seeing my Becka, my Mom and Paul. Along with the talk of going home the next day, I was starting to feel a little hope that things returning to normal. The events of the past week almost seemed surreal, life had been turned upside down and I was definately ready for it to be right-side up again. Unfortunately that cautious celebratory mood was about to be disrupted again.

The timeframe is a little sketchy but I remember at some point Dr.Feldman arriving and introducing us to a new team of doctors, Dr Hsiang a chemo doctor at Emerald coast cancer center and Dr Stevens from 21st century Oncology specializing in radiation. Dr Feldmans main job was basically over and so he was handing me over to the doctors in-charge of the next phase in my treatment. After a brief introduction, Dr Hsiang took the lead, His accent was so hard to understand. He spoke with rapid speed, lots of detail and statistics. I don't remember much of what he said, but it wasn't positive and wasn't filled with much hope! His personality and bed-side manner was very much the opposite of Dr Stevens of who I related more to! Especially since he was a graduate of University of Nebraska, which I found ironic. What I did understand from Dr Hsiang's talk was that the biopsy had revealed a grade 4 Glioblastoma brain tumor! A fast growing cancer which was statistically fatal. Without treatment I was looking at 2-6 months, with treatment maybe 18. Not a rosey picture! I'm glad I didn't believe in statistics, but still the news was devastating emotionally. I can't describe what it feels like to have people in authority positions, people who undesrtand the details of the situation more than you do, telling you there is little hope but they'll do do what they can. I am thankfull God had erased alot of those details from my memory, I'd rather not re-live that terrible event, but I do know the doctors were just presenting what was necessary to explain the severity and urgency of the challenge ahead. I don't envy the position they were in, having to deliver such news. Thankfully these doctors were not only there to reveal the results, they were there to provide a game-plan. As I have said many times earlier God was moving behind the scenes, providing the best doctors to handle my specific case. God had placed them there for a purpose, whether they knew it or not!

My last night in the hospital was a challenge to maintain that positive upbeat attitude, with the news of earlier! We had an abundance of support though. Becka of course was by my side all night, and having my Mom and Paul there brought tremendous comfort. Friends from all over the local area stopped in to offer their support. Blessing us in so many ways. Even a close friend I hadn't seen in several years, came to help! Someone who had been a great example to me of a christian man, husband and leader. The conversation I had with him that night helped to reaffirm where my faith and focus needed to be as I moved forward. God knew I needed that conversation.

The next day I would be released from the hospital and start a whole new chapter in this saga. One that would bring alot of struggle, physically but mostly emotion and spiritual! But it would also bring alot of opportunity with it! The chance to spend alot more time with Becka, to grow our relationship with each other and especialy with our God. It hasn't been easy and we are thankfull God placed so many people around us who were willing to be used by him to provide for us. There are so many stories of Love we were shown during that time that it would be impossible to mention them all in this post! We are truly blessed!

I know that as serious as this event was in our lives, it unfortunately is not all that uncommon. It happens in people's lives everyday! I know we made alot of mistakes, handled alot of things wrong. But there's one thing I know we did right. We chose to Trust a loving God, Our Creator, Our Savior, the one who sent his only Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins, a debt we could not pay and a gift we did not deserve! We Chose to Trust Him regarless of the outcome!

Knowing that God was real, personally involved and in complete control. Knowing that despite the outcome, He loved us and would never leave us, provided Becka and I the game-changing Faith and Trust we needed to overcome.


Without faith and trust in him, I wouldn't be here sharing this story almost 5 years later! Praise God! My most recent Brain MRI was May 11, 2012, Reports continue to show "No Evidence of Recurrent Tumor at this time" and have since 2009! Thank you for your prayers! God Bless!
Becka and I at HarborWalk in Destin 2010
Thank you Jesus! You are truly the God of second chances!

Some of the Scripture verses that sustained us! There are so many, but heres just few!

Genesis 1:1,27
Psalms 23:3, 46:1, 55:22, 62:6, 111:10, 120:1, 147:3-5, 150:6
Proverbs 3:5, 8:17, 10:27
Isaiah 41:10,13
Jeremiah 1:5, 17:7
Matthew 18:11
John 3:16, 10:10, 14:16
2 Corinthians 1:3-4, 5:7, 9:8
Galatians 6:9
Philippians 4:19
3 John 1:2
Hebrews 4:16, 11:1, 11:3

You get the idea, I could keep going for days! :-)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

a bit of my Story...

Becka and me at Harborwalk in Destin, Florida 

 I grew up mostly as an Air Force brat, spent time in England, Kansas, Hawaii, and mostly Nebraska where I attended high school! Once I graduated, My mom and I moved to Warner Robins , Ga. There I spent time working in an A&P grocery store as a frozen food and Dairy manager (title only). Fortunately I met Becka, my Wife of 19+ years there. She actually lived in the apartment below for a full year before I got up the nerve to meet her. That was the day she was moving out! Needless to say I had to act fast and stop procrastinating. I joined the AirForce in feb 92 and we were married 6 months later on the 4th of july, while I attended tech school in Biloxi!

Later that year I was stationed at Hurlburt Fld as an electronic warfare tech in Ft walton beach, florida where we still reside today. I got out in 96 and decided to stay. I worked as a (FSR) meter reader for Gulf power up until Nov 07 when I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor (cancer) and underwent brain surgery (biopsy) I basically have limited usage of my right side, and am temporarily unable to work. I'm continuing to undergo treatment/monitoring with a focus on trusting in the God who created me, saved me and is fully able to heal me!

We dont exactly know what the future holds, but obviously God still has a plan!

Becka has been incredible (I call her my nurse) but she's now more commonly known as the ironing lady! Quiet but extremely strong, solid in her faith and a great example of a godly wife! I am so thankful God put her in my life!

With the suddeness of being diagnosed with a brain tumor (a matter of days), alot has become clearer. I praise God that I am now Cancer free! Unfortunately I am still "Temporarily" disabled!

I learned the hardway that Its foolish to rely longterm on your ability to produce, It's kinda like putting your "one" egg in "one" basket! Extremely risky! Its important to develop additional sources of income that will continue even if you are unable! Unfortunately as my story has shown, Jobs are not really a reliable way to accomplish that! That's why I'm focused on Re-inventing my life, enjoying the second chance(s) God has given me!

So much has changed but my faith, my dreams and goals remain strong! Stay tuned , Gods not finished with me yet! (Jeremiah 29:11)

Thankful Jesus Saved me!
I did nothing to earn it!
I can do nothing to lose it!
That's Eternal Security!
That's how Awesome he is!

note* Taken from my facebook info page

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Gilligan Secret Breakfast Sandwich Recipe!

 I am Blessed, Becka makes this awesome breakfast sandwich for us 3 or 4 times a week, well, unless we go to subway!

 Great!... Now I want a steak and cheese! :-(

 You'll have to forgive me, I get distracted easily by certain foods, Anyway, back to my story;-)

Becka's breakfast sandwich is So Delicious! With it's crunchy outside and a melty cheesy inside, my eye's light-up like a little kid everytime Becka offers to make me (us) one!

 This morning was a special treat! Becka made me two! I must confess, I struggled to finish, but heck, I wasn't going to let one crunchy, cheesy morsel go to waste!

 Yes, It's that good! Believe me, this isn't some wimpy grilled cheese!
 No Sir!
 No Mame!
 This is something special! Custom designed!

 As you can see from the pic, Becka's presentation goes that extra mile, slicing the bread corner to corner, arranging it on the plate like the true Ironing-Chef she is! Why you ask?? Well...Because sandwiches just taste better sliced that way! I can't explain it? It's physics or something?

 You see that personalization is what makes the Gilligan secret breakfast sandwich so special! It's custom built just for me and Becka, by Becka! No one else! It's not about the millions of "Hungry Eye's" gazing at my recent fb breakfast pics. It's about me and Becka!

 But as the "likes" and "comments" piled up, begging for the recipe, I began to have a change of heart! I felt guilty and selfish for hording this delicious breakfast sandwich! Shamelessly taunting and teasing millions with pictures of those cheesy sandwiches I'm so blessed to enjoy! I was tired of refusing to share with others, those not so fortunate to have a wife like my Becka, preparing one for them each morning!

 It was sad, I felt convicted, even obligated to release this secret recipe to my friends, friends of friends and followers! I knew I had the answer for those millions still suffering through hopeless mornings of bland, boring fiber cereals! It was time to make an impact, a differance!

 It was Obvious I had to reveal the secret Gilligan recipe!
 (A word of Caution, your mouth will begin to water as you read this!)

 Ingredients for one sandwhich: (adjust as desired)
1 chicken strip
1 large egg (Egglands best)
2 slices of Honey wheat bread
2 slices of Kraft pepperjack cheese
Chef Pauls Magic Blackened seasoning blend
Extra virgin olive oil
Butter spray
2 Skillets (large and small)

Cooking preparations:

Pepare chicken strip by seasoning both sides with Blackened blend (I like alot)

In a large skillet: -->add a few squirts of olive oil -->set to med heat -->once skillet is hot, add season
chicken strip, cook about 2 minutes each side! Don't overcook! (should be tender and juicy!)

While Chicken strip is cooking.

In a small skillet: --> set to med heat --> spray with butter spray --> crack large egg, add whites and puncture yoke, season with Blackened seasoning, flip once cook as desired. Set aside for later!

Return to large skillet:

Once Chicken strip is finished, cut into 5 or 6 small pieces and place to the side of skillet.

Add 2 slices of honey wheat bread (both sides sprayed with butter spray)

Lightly brown one side of each slice! (a nice crunchy layer) then Flip!

On first slice of bread, add a slice of pepperjack, chicken pieces, egg and another slice of pepperjack!

Top with second slice of bread, crunchy side down!

Lightly brown both side of sandwich with to a crunchy layer, while allowing the the cheese to melt!

Plate and Consume!

Wow, I feel much better, almost like a burdon has been lifted!

 You've now been shown the secret!

 The ball is in your court now, tomorrow morning you have a new choice, a tastier, cheesier choice to start your day!

 My advice. Don't wait another day longer!

 Don't have the ingredients? Don't let that stop you! Make a run to the grocery store (walmarts open late) and get the preparations for tomorrow morning's breakfast sandwich now!

You will be glad you did!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ThankYou, Rival Gas MeterReader Guy!

 Several years ago I worked for the local power company! My official title was a "Field Service Rep" (FSR for short)! Sounds very professional, huh? 8*) In a nutshell, I was a Meter Reader! A very simple, physical job that actually paid pretty good! I would spend my days walking or driving through all kinds of neighborhoods! From trashy trailers to beautiful million-dollar homes and everything in between! I even climbed 20 story beach condos in a single bound ( ok ok, maybe I took the stairs or elevator 8*) Understand, FSR's are like the postman, rain or shine you're getting that power bill! Trust me, I dealt with overgrown bushes, bugs, spider webs, ants, bee hives, snakes and vicious dogs! Even chiuahuahas can be mean! I still have bad dreams! lol But nothing could have prepared me for what I'm going to share with you!

 It was your typical hot summer day, alittle after lunchtime. I was on one of my regular routes reading a home in a middle-class neighborhood! I had less than a hundred homes left and I was ready to be done for the day, so I guess I just wasn't paying that close attention! The meter was located on the side of the home, I punched the reading into my handheld device, It took maybe 2 seconds! Finished, I walked quickly around the front of the house, when all of the sudden, I sensed something just wasn't right? Was it a Dog? I had checked all the signs, there were none! Yet, I still felt something was in my presence! Just a few feet away I noticed some rustling of leaves in the nearby bushes. At that point we locked eyes! Those dark cold beady eyes still send chills through my spine today! I didn't know what to do? I froze, unsure of my next move? Afterall I had NEVER encountered or received training for something like this! There was NO STANDARD PROTOCOL! As it raised from a crouching postion in the bushes, it must have reached a hieght of 6 feet! It was now at eyelevel! I PANICKED! Doing the last thing an FSR is taught to do!--------> I RAN!

 YEP! My big plan, was to run! Get to the sidewalk, then to the next house! (I had another meter to read) and it would be dark soon! Now I know that seems like a simple enough plan, but if you've ever watched a scary movie, you know running from something that's chasing you, often has dire consequences! Running just angered him more, causing Him to pursue after me faster! In my attempt to keep an eye on Him as I made my getaway, I had failed to notice what was in my path! Every (FSR) knows the rule of "Eye's On Path"! It's day one training! How could I have forgotten?

 The Homeowner had recently mowed, edging the lawn along the sidewalk, leaving a nice tripping hazzard! Wouldn't you know it, I caught the edge causing my tumble across the sidewalk and into the grass. When I rolled and popped up to my feet! Brushing the bur's off, I found myself again face to face with the thing that was now very annimated and extremely angered at me! It was once again a stalemate!

 SO, would I learn from my recent mistakes? Go to a Plan B? Maybe try to reason with Him? Certainly, he would realize I meant him no harm and let me pass? Maybe I could be-friend it?

 NOPE! I decided to stick with my original instinct!-------->RUN, and RUN FAST!

 The side gate leading to the backyard of the neighbors house was my target! As I ran, It seemed like my feet didn't even touch the ground. Isn't it amazing how the desire for survival can motivate, getting the adrenaline flowing! As I closed the tall wooden gate, he was right on my heals. Thankfully I had been able to put a barrier in between the two of us! I was safe, at least for the moment. As I punched the meter's reading into my handheld device, I could barely focus! How could I with him pacing back and forth, snorting like an angry bull! As he continued to peer through the spaces in the wooden fence, I began to wonder how i was going to escape to the next house! Would he continue to follow me? Afterall, where we had first crossed paths, was not his home? I don't think? Certainly Someone wouldn't have something like that as a pet? Suddenly a fresh new obstacle entered my mind. I unfortunately was currently standing in the backyard of a home that did have a Dog! and a very LARGE ONE! Thankfully, for the moment, the Dog that usually roams this patch of grass hadn't noticed me! Maybe he was inside or around the otherside of the house, either way I didn't care! I had to act fast!

As I devised my next move, I heard a distant shout from someone on the otherside of the gate. As I peaked through the spaces in the wood, I noticed a local Gas company truck parked directly across the street! The Gas meterreader (my rival, I might add) had stopped to eat lunch and had been watching, laughing at my entire traumatic ordeal!

As I acknowleged him, the Gas guy asked a question with a chuckle: "Need some help?"

I embarassingly laughed and responded: "Yeah, this crazy thing won't let me out!"

The local Gas guy, an older gentleman, with obviously more experience! Replied: "Ok, I'm going to draw him towards me, distract him and when I do, Just Run and Don't look back!"

 I agreed and waited as he drew the attention of this thing that had terrorized and hunted me for what seemed to be at least 300 seconds!!! When the signal from the Gas guy came, I made my move! Thanking the local Gas guy as I sprinted away into the distance and to safety! I never did see that Gas guy again and I often wonder whatever happened to Him? Did he trap the thing? Did he sacrifice himself for my freedom or did he manage to escape? I never saw him again, but I am forever gratefull God put that local Gas Guy in my path! That was a dark day in my meter reading career, but I survived! Thanks Local Gas Guy! Thanks for Standing in the Gap!

Disclaimer: Ok, Maybe, I might have embellished the story a tiny bit, a little more drama possibly but the overall story is true! It really did happen! Really! I can still see those beady eyes!!

Can you guess what it was I encountered?
It was a "Goose"!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I look forward to our chats!

I wanted to welcome you to my new blog "God is all about Second Chances". As you know we live in the greatest country in the world and are blessed with this right to Speak freely! On the other hand just because we have that right doesn't mean everyone has to or wants to listen, so I'm honered and privilaged you have taken a few minutes out of your day to read this post! I pray I will have something to say that you will find worthwhile.

On this blog I will be covering all kinds of topics of interest! My foundation in the Word of God will guide and shape my perspective! I'll share stories of 19 years of marriage to Beckasue and my diagnosis & overcomming of brain cancer. I'll talk about the people God has placed in our lives who have made tremendous impacts, set tremendous examples! I'll even talk about and defend my views as a christian conservative on politics and business, specifically Network Marketing! Some of it you may not agree with or even understand in it's context. That's Ok! 

I do pray that God gives me the right words to share and the humility that goes with them. As I post you will realize very quickly that I am not an expert, not a guru or even a lifecoach in these subjects. What you will know for sure is that I do know who I am and most importantly whose I am! We Serve a Big God whose in Complete Control and we are thankful for the second chances God has given us to share that truth! 

So, as my awesome Beckasue says "Be Blessed and Not Stressed"! 
I'll chat with you soon!